Heat Your Home for Cheaper

Apply for the Home Heating Credit! The State of Michigan will assist you in paying some of your heating expenses if you are a qualified homeowner or renter. To qualify, your income will need to fall within the ranges included below.

The deadline to apply for this program is September 30th, so please don’t delay. If you are interested and would like the paperwork to fill out, please contact Neighbor by Neighbor at  269-231-0648











Interested in Going Back to School? 

Does going back for your GED interest you? Get in touch with Neighbor by Neighbor.  We have two volunteers  that work with Michigan Works to get you the help you need so that you can take the exams. Call us at 269-231-0648 for more information.  It’s never too late!

Don’t let medical debt get you down! 

Medical debt can be overwhelming, but Healthwell Foundation can help. The Healthwell foundation is a nonprofit organization that will help with medical costs such as: prescription copays, health insurance premiums,  deductibles and coinsurance, pediatric treatment costs, travel costs, and mental health services. For more information, visit:  healthwellfoundation.org or call 1-800-675-8416.

Upcoming Mobile Food Pantries:

Tuesday, September 6th – 3:30pm, Harbert Community Church; 6444 Harbert Rd, Harbert. 

Monday, September 15th—4pm, New Troy Community Center; 13372 California Road, New Troy

Tuesday, October 4th— 3:30pm, Harbert Community Church; 6444 Harbert Rd, Harbert.


Amazon Wishlist

You can also donate to Neighbor by Neighbor via our Amazon Wishlist and give our neighbors tangible items that they need. Click here to donate! The following items are encouraged/appreciated:

Food Pantry

-Canned tuna 

-Canned chicken 

-Ready-made pasta 

-Pasta sauce 

-Pop-top soup 


-Granola bars  

-Breakfast/protein bars 

- Individually wrapped snacks -- crackers, goldfish, chips, etc.   

-Ground coffee  


Hygiene  Pantry

-Paper Towel  

-Laundry Detergent  

-Toilet Paper  

-Hand Soap  

-13-gallon trash bags 


-Body Wash  


-Feminine Hygiene items 

-Depends/Incontinence Products  

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