The staff of Neighbor by Neighbor provides the full range of services to clients as well as managing a robust organization. You can connect with staff through calling or texting 269-231-0648 or through our FaceBook messenger tool or through this website.
Peg Kohring

Peg Kohring, Executive Director

Peg leads the Neighbor by Neighbor Team. Her roots in Berrien County stretch back many generations, and she is committed to making our area a better place to live. Peg brings 44 years of nonprofit management, fundraising, entrepreneurial skill, and a sense of humor to the team.

Linnea Berg - Nieghbor By Neighbor

Linnea Berg

Linnea helped found Neighbor by Neighbor in 2017 and has played a mostly supporting role. After years creating and managing new programs and serving as an Executive Director, she developed skills in grant writing and reporting, fundraising, and troubleshooting new programs. She earned a doctorate with specialization in urban poverty.

Courtney MacKay

Courtney MacKay, Social Worker

Courtney thrives on moving people to independence. Courtney earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University and has worked in mental health, nonprofit and governmental organizations in the county. Most recently, she worked with children with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families. Courtney brings a strong knowledge of partners and collaboration that help clients. She thrives on learning and has actively volunteered in her community. When she is not being a social worker, she is spending her time with her three sons.

Tate Butler

Tate Butler, Office Administrator

Tate keeps the office systems operating including the donor software. Tate has the gift of figuring out how to do things better through technology. At Hunden Partners, Tate manages payroll, onboarding staff and HR. Tate has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Illinois University. Tate worked as a 911 operator for a large Indiana City and has good instincts in what do in emergencies.

Jennifer Bomar, Outreach Coordinator

Jen ably manages our website and social media, and she brings strong communication skills and a love for people to Neighbor by Neighbor. Jen received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Theater Arts from Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois in 1998. Since moving to Michigan, she has worked with Children and Family Services, has been a substitute teacher, and has been highly involved as a foster parent and advocate for children in Berrien County. Jen is currently an Artistic Director for Children’s Music Workshop in Stevensville, MI.

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