Our Mission Statement

Neighbor by Neighbor connects the most vulnerable residents of SW Berrien County with resources and services to address immediate needs, while facilitating greater independence through targeted programs and services. Neighbor by Neighbor also mobilizes the community to build networks of mutual service and care through robust volunteer participation.

 About Neighbor by Neighbor 

The Pokagon Fund came to Church of the Mediator with a community need, to serve those in poverty who live in Harbor Country. Reverend Paula Durren and Linnea Berg birthed the new program together and developed the guiding principles. When Rev. Paula retired, Rev. Jay Fast agreed to take the management of Neighbor by Neighbor as one of the programs of Harbert Community Church.


At the beginning of 2019, Neighbor by Neighbor had helped 130 clients and staff’s offices were in their cars and homes. Today, Neighbor by Neighbor has served over 1000 clients, has a robust Advisory Board and an office in Union Pier. During the height of the pandemic, Neighbor by Neighbor focused on keep our clients housed, with food on the table and the lights on. As Covid recedes, Neighbor by Neighbor has focused on getting clients back to work by connecting them to jobs, repairing and licensing cars and connecting families to childcare.


Our next focus is identifying and connecting clients with GED programs, high paying technical trade training and community college to prepare for high paying positions. All donations are charitable deductible under Harbert Community Church’s nonprofit status as Neighbor by Neighbor waits for Internal Revenue Service designation as a nonprofit organization.

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16170 Red Arrow Hwy
Suite C7 PO Box 30
Union Pier, MI 49129

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